Chef Andrew Weissman’s Favorite Tacos In San Antonio

The chef likes to keep it simple and affordable

San Antonio Chef Andrew Weissman is a virtual local legend, with multiple restaurants under his belt, including the beloved flagship restaurant at La Cantera Resort & Spa, Signature. Though he maintains a pretty full schedule, one of his favorite ways to unwind is by exploring the best tacos in San Antonio, including–places that are authentic, affordable, and delicious through and through.

Carnitas Lonja, a low-key taquería on the city’s South Side, specializes in just one thing: carnitas. The tender, slow-cooked pork is sold by the pound and piled high onto a tray with handmade tortillas, lime wedges, and other trimmings. And don’t be fooled by the name, because the Original Donut Shop turns out some of San Antonio’s tastiest and cheapest tacos. Even though it’s not on the menu, when ordering the classic bean and cheese, ask to get it toasted. What you’ll be rewarded with is a mouthwatering creation comprised of a crispy, yet soft flour tortilla filled with creamy beans and melty cheese. It’s a humble reminder of how satisfying the simplest foods can be.



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