Maui’s Top Poke Spots

Where to indulge in the local specialty

It’s easy to see why poke has become so popular recently. For starters, it’s so fresh. (The fish is always raw, and served cold.) On top of that, it’s simple to prepare. (Slice the fish, toss with seasonings, and eat.) And for those who are extra health-conscious: it’s also loaded with protein. As for where to find the best poke in Maui? At Eskimo Candy Seafood Market & Cafe, there’s four styles of bowls offered–all of which are prepared with warm white rice and tangy seaweed salad. Like Poke? is a quick and casual truck doling out affordable poke bowls – simply pick your marinade and amount of fish – and salads. In addition to being a wine and liquor shop, as the name implies, Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors offers a large selection of poke, including more unusual flavors like garlic king crab.




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