Best Mocktails in Portland

Zero proof has never been trendier

What’s the biggest trend in the world of cocktails? No alcohol. Whether it’s because you’re cutting back occasionally for health reasons, or want to obtain from booze for good, there’s lots of smart reasons why zero-proof drinks are growing in popularity.

Now, and more than ever, some of the coolest bars across Portland are making it easier to drink and have a terrific time – no alcohol necessary.

At Oven & Shaker, a lively pizza joint in the Pearl, mixologist Ryan Magarian whips up a creative selection of what he calls “free” cocktails. (The sweet and tart Pineapple Pepper Punch is an especially good drinking companion to the house pizzas.)

The bar team at the hip, sky-high lounge Departure Restaurant + Lounge thoughtfully follows in the footsteps of their beloved sober chef, Gregory Gourdet, by always offering “Dry Menu” drinks, like the earthy, carrot-infused Ebisu.

Meanwhile, the always bustling gastropub Raven & Rose always has some complex zero proof mocktails on deck. The Bombay Rose, a blend or rose and cardamom tea, cane sugar, fresh lemon, and seltzer, is subtly sweet and completely refreshing.


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