Washington DC’s Best Burgers

Where to find patty perfection in the nation’s capital

Because few things are more satisfying than a good old burger, here’s a shortlist on where to find the best burgers in Washington. DC.

Burger Tap & Shake

This local mini-chain provides that fast can also mean well-crafted. Every ingredient – like the buns, pickles, sauces, even the ice cream for the milkshakes – used here is made in-house. And you’ll want to smother the signature AP sauce, a zippy blend of ketchup, mayo, and chipotle, on everything.

Red Apron Butcher

This burger, a creation of beloved chef and butcher Nate Anda, goes beyond the standard version with ground chuck by incorporating a mix of different aged cuts of beef. The result is an especially juicy, rich patty. Even the standard bun gets elevated with the help of a buttery, and slightly sweet olive oil brioche.

Good Stuff Eatery
This local spot’s claim to fame might be the over-the-top Prez Obama Burger – whose patty is dressed with onion marmalade, horseradish mayo, bacon, and blue cheese – but the signature farmhouse burger and cheeseburger are simple and sublime, if you’re looking for something a little less fussy (and not to mention, messy).



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