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Why you need to see painter Loie Hollowell’s new art exhibit in San Jose

Now through November 2nd, California-born, Brooklyn-based painter Loie Hollowell will be presenting her first solo art show in San Jose, titled Points of Entry, since joining Pace Gallery. She is young, intrepid, and enlists a deeply personal approach to her practice. All of her bold, deeply saturated works reference the female form through her use of ancient symbols such as ogees, mandorlas, and lingams. In her words: “Especially in a time like now when rights are being taken away from women, I want to show people there’s room for positive and enjoyable sexual images.” She also notes: “I paint from very specific moments for me, but they don’t have to mean that to anyone else. I just want to give visual pleasure to the reader.” When visiting the area, be sure to book at a room at Hotel De Anza.


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San Jose, CA


Hotel De Anza


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