A 24-Hour Dining Guide for Chapel Hill

Make the most out of one day in the destination

Have only day in Chapel Hill? No worries. Just drops your bags off in your room at Carolina Inn, and follow our guide on how to eat and drink your way through this charming Southern city.

Breakfast at The Purple Bowl

This airy cafe with its crisp white decor proves that Southern breakfasts don’t necessarily have to be heavy. In fact, owner Taylor Gilland made it his mission to bring wholesome, nutritious, yet delicious food to the area. Whether you order the best-selling avocado toast or one of the signature açaí bowls, you’l leave feeling full, not weighed down.

Lunch at Merritt’s Grill

Since 1929, Merritt’s has been proving how satisfying a humble BLT can be. For starters, there’s the fresh, daily-baked breads (like potato and sunflower). The bacon is crispy and generously layered, the tomatoes are juicy, and the lettuce is light. A proper slather of mayo binds the entire sandwich together. For an authentically local touch, request some homemade pimento cheese on your BLT.

Afternoon snack at The Yogurt Pump

Nicknamed YoPo, this has been a longtime favorite of UNC students. And for good reason. In addition to the wallet-friendly prices, there’s a wide assortment of flavors, ranging from the familiar (like oreo and white chocolate mousse) to original (like black cherry tart and brownie batter).

Dinner at Crossroads Chapel Hill

It’s no coincidence that Chapel Hill’s top hotel, Carolina Inn, is also home to one of the city’s favorite restaurants. Helmed by celebrated chef Brandon Sharp, the kitchen turns out elegant and regionally-sourced cuisine. Among can’t-miss items are local lump crab salad and crispy roast chicken with brussels sprouts and whipped potatoes.

Nightcap at The Crunkleton

Opened in 2008 on West Franklin Street, this friendly and approachable cocktail bar executes all the classics (like the old fashioned, painkiller, and sazerac) exceptionally well. A couple is the perfect way to end your day.


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