Destination® Hotels & Resorts has challenged our chefs across the country to take part in The Destination® Dish. Each month Destination® Hotels & Resorts will select one ingredient; each chef must create a recipe around the chosen ingredient and incorporate it into their restaurant menu that month. The ingredient changes every month, so do the menu items.

Explore the featured recipes of the month below, dine at our participating restaurants to taste the chefs dish and check back next month for the new ingredient of the month.

First described as a "Forbidden Fruit" the grapefruit was introduced to the United States in the 1820s. The Grapefruit is a tart, tangy and juicy fruit with an underlying sweetness. Grapefruits are yellow-orange skinned with pink, red or white pulps. This fruit is refreshing when served chilled.

Grapefruits are best from winter through early spring even though they are available throughout the year. This fruit can be stored a week or so at room temperature and for about two to three weeks in a refrigerator.


Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, folate, vitamin B5 and contains phytochemicals including liminoids and lycopene.

Lansdowne Resort
Lansdowne’s Destination Dish of the Month: Cranberry Glazed Duck Breast


Cranberry Gastrique Ingredients:

2 cups – Cranberries, fresh or frozen
3/4 cup – Sugar
1 cup – water (enough to cover cranberries)
2-3 ounces – Rice Wine Vinegar
To Taste – Kosher Salt

Preparation of Cranberry Gastrique: In a small sauce pot, add cranberries, sugar, and water on medium high heat.  Cook ingredients until skin of cranberries start to break.  Place mixture into a blender and add rice wine vinegar.  Blend gastrique until smooth and pass through a fine mesh strainer.  Add salt to taste and refrigerate until cool.

Cranberry Glazed Duck Breast Ingredients:

4 each - 5-6 ounce Duck Breast
2 tsp. - Kosher Salt
½ tsp - Ground Black Pepper
1 Tbsp. – Canola oil

Preparation of Duck:  Score the skin of the duck with a sharp knife ensuring that each slice is about half an inch apart (Cut most of the way through the fat but not into the meat). Season the duck with kosher salt and pepper and aside.

Sauté/Oven: First, set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While oven is pre-heating, heat sauté pan over medium/high heat with canola oil. Once pan is hot, add the duck breast into the pan skin side down. Cook on skin side for about 6 minutes (until skin is crispy and a nice golden brown color). Turn the duck over and cook for an additional 6 minutes. Finally, glaze the duck with the cranberry gastrique and place in the oven for two more minutes until the internal temperature of the duck is 145 degrees Fahrenheit on your thermometer for medium. Allow the duck to rest for 5-7 minutes before slicing.

Grill: Turn on grill to medium/high fire to pre-heat; grill duck, skin side down on indirect heat for 6-7 minutes on one side then turning and grilling for an additional 6-7 minutes on other side.  For the last minute of cooking you want to baste cranberry gastrique onto duck to from a nice glaze on the duck breast. The internal temperature of the meat should read 145 degrees Fahrenheit on your thermometer for medium (or keep grilling until desired doneness is achieved), allow the duck to rest for 5-7 minutes before slicing.

Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center®
Roasted Apple, Maytag Bleu Cheese and Walnut Risotto

Recipe Ingredients:

  •     7 ea. Granny Smith Apples
  •     1 ¼ Sticks Un-Salted Butter
  •     4 tsp. Olive Oil
  •     1 Large Yellow Onion, Peeled and small dice
  •     3 Cloves Garlic, Minced
  •     1 Cup of Arborio Rice
  •     2 Cups Chicken Stock, heated to a simmer
  •     1 Cup Fresh Apple Cider, heated to a simmer
  •     ½ tsp. Fresh Thyme, Finely Chopped
  •     ¼ tsp. Fresh Rosemary, Finely Chopped
  •     ½ cup Maytag Bleu Cheese
  •     1/3 cup Walnuts, Toasted
  •     Salt and Pepper To Taste


  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees  
  2. Peel, core and medium dice 3 of the Granny Smith Apples (these will be used in the risotto)
  3. For the other 4 apples, cut off about ¼” from the top laterally and scoop out the apple inside, taking care not to break or crack the apple itself
  4. Discard the seeds and rough chop the edible part of the apple.
  5. Rub each of the apple “cups” including the lids with the olive oil and lay on a sheet tray.
  6. Melt ½ stick of butter in a Sauce Pot.  Add the diced apple pieces and the rough chopped apple and toss to coat.
  7. Lay the diced apple pieces on the same sheet pan as the “apple cups” and roast for 15 minutes or until soft and lightly brown, remove from the oven and cool. *Note the “Apple Cups may take a little more time than the chopped apple, if so, remove the chopped apple and put the cups back into the oven until soft but still maintaining their structure
  8. In the same sauce pot as before, melt another ½ stick of butter.  
  9. Add the onion and sweat for 5 minutes.
  10. Add the chopped garlic and sweat for 3 minutes until fragrant
  11. Add the rice and sauté until fragrant and lightly golden.
  12. Add 1 cup of the chicken stock, the thyme and rosemary and season with salt and pepper
  13. Stir continuously on medium heat until almost of the stock has been absorbed.
  14. Add the 2nd cup of chicken stock and repeat the process.
  15. Once almost all of the stock has been absorbed, add the apple cider and continue stirring until the risotto is just cooked “al dente”.

EXECUTIVE CHEF, CELLAR 49, Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center

Growing up in the Hudson Valley Chris’ passion for food and working with fresh, local ingredients began at quite a young age. Watching his Dad barbeque on the back deck led to him eventually grilling for his own family at the age of 12. Young Chris frequently rushed home from grade school to join his Mom, a cook and baker in the kitchen.

After many years working behind the stoves at a young age, Chris began his formal education at the renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Chris excelled in the cooking curriculum however also gained a new found interested in California wines and small production bourbons in the Wines and Spirits classes. In 1997 his travels took him south of Hyde Park to historic Tarrytown.

His cooking style is best described as American Regional. Chef Hettinger’s access to seasonal and sustainable ingredients of the Hudson Valley enables him to highlight the local offerings on a multitude of the Estate’s menus.

The Spa at the Inverness Hotel
Peach Sparkler-iced PURE peach green tea, vodka and chilled sparkling water
Hit the Spa for a tall drink of summer...iced PURE INVENTIONS peach green tea, loaded with anti-oxidants, vodka and sparkling water is the perfect combination to beat August heat.

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